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Half Lion believes in community.  Let your mission become part of our mission. If you think we can help your non-profit, please fill out the request form below.

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The Snoqualmie Fire Lookouts Association (SFLA) is dedicated to the support the restoration, maintenance, upkeep and preservation of Forest Fire Lookouts in the Snoqualmie Ranger District as operational and in-service fire lookouts.    

Inspiring Youth – Encouraging Families

Fishing With Heroes takes Active Duty & Retired Soldiers and First Responders fishing. From first timers to avid anglers. No gear, No license, No boat needed, we provide it all, we even throw some ribs or a brisket on the smoker to provide a great lunch, heck we’ll even cook up some of their catch if they want, if not we clean then vacuum bag seal it to take home. 

Green River College Foundation provides resources to assist Green River College achieve educational excellence.


Half Lion Brewing Co. is creating more than craft beer and hard seltzer.  Join us in creating experiences that impact the communities we live, work and play in.  Good times, good people and good brews.  

Behind the Lion 


The origin of Half Lion is unique, just like the beers we create. Everything at HL has a story, and it all starts in a garage in Enumclaw.  When our first batch of homebrew was ready to taste, some friends had finished a day of skiing at Crystal Mountain and decided to give that first beer a try.  Little did they know, they would soon set the fate of our little hobby, in the garage and create an unforgettable story.


We were brewing at a friend’s house who owned a Great Dane named Tonka. Everyone was fascinated by Tonka's size, she was huge!  Questions and beers were raised, “Why were Great Danes bred to be so large?”  Answers (and more beers) were given, “To hunt and kill lions, I think.” Well with a mixture of an intimidating dog, and obviously beers, it might be easy to mishear that this dog was bred with a lion, versus they were bread to hunt and kill lions. Thus, crafting the half dog Half Lion.


When the brewery started to become a reality, the name was a major discussion point. And this story came up time after time. It was kind of an inside joke and our little hobby was always referred to as Half Lion Beer. We knew there was no other name for us.  We've always had an amazing time brewing together with friends and family and it was fitting that a friend, who maybe enjoyed one too many Half Lion Beers, would be the one to give us our name.

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