Behind the Lion 


When our first batch of homebrew was ready David and some friends had finished a day of skiing at Crystal Mountain and decided to swing through Enumclaw to give that first beer a try.  In those early days we were brewing at a friends house and they owned a great dane named Tonka. Andy, David's brother, was fascinated by Tonka's size. She was such a huge animal!  Questions and beers were raised, ``Why were Great Danes bred to be so large?`` Answers and more beers were given, ``To hunt and kill lions, I think.``  On the way home one of the friends was puzzled. He was shaking his head and chuckling to himself and everyone started to ask what his deal was.  He answered - in full seriousness - ``So wait… You guys are telling me…that dog is Half Lion?!``  In bouncing from conversation to conversation he had confused the hunting of lions conversation with the breeding size conversation which had him thinking a dog and a lion had been bred together to create Great Danes.

When it came time to name our beer this story came up again and again. We knew there was no other name for us.  We've always had an amazing time brewing together with friends and family and it was fitting that a friend, who maybe enjoyed one too many Half Lion Beers, would be the guy to give us our name. We hope you enjoy our beer with your friends and family as much as we do! 



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