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Image by Isak Engström

Our take on a classic style. A clean, brite, light beer with great balance of superior pilsen malt with a crisp finish leaning towards floral and citrus.

Availability Draft | 12oz Cans

HL Pilsner.png
Pilsner diecut.png

Half Lion Pilsner  5.3% 33 IBUs

Image by Dan Edwards
Logshow Blonde.png

Logshow Blonde  5% 15 IBUs

Our introduction into craft beer. Logshow Blonde is malt forward, with a biscuity mouthfeel and floral hop aroma. Easy drinking and the perfect starting point.

Availability Draft | 12oz Cans

Image by Mark McGregor

Grandpa Albert loved his amber ales, so we made one is his honor. Albert's Amber is an extremely easy drinking malt forward amber ale. With light notes of chocolate to give it's rich red color, this amber finishes smooth with a floral hop aroma. 

Albert's Amber  5.6% 20 IBUs

Availability Draft | 12oz Cans

Image by Filippos Sdralias
Wildfire Haze IPA.png

Wildfire Haze is our take on the Hazy IPA trend. Very juicy, tropical and aromatic from late addition hops. While finishing with a nice subtle bitterness.

Wildfire Haze IPA  6.5% 23 IBUs

Availability Draft | 12oz Cans

suntop diecut.png
Suntop IPA.png

A true Pacific NW IPA. Great malt character goes perfectly with a citrusy nose and that classic piney bitter bite. 

Suntop IPA  6.7% 62 IBUs

Availability Draft | 12oz Cans

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Need Beer?

Are you a retailer and want to stock some delicious Half Lion Beer or Hard Seltzer? Get in touch with us by clicking the link below. 

Half Lion beer is also available for your at-home bar or next big party- get in touch, and let's get it started!

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